The Agency Real Estate
Los Angeles, CA
About Us

We want to disrupt the industry, create certainty and support for our clients, be a trustworthy and knowledgeable source for the people in our community. We consider ourselves all things real estate related to improving your lifestyle.

We are the agent of TRUST. We value communication, knowledge, and connections. We are friendly and easy to work with. 

We have a special skill and talent when it comes to making the real estate process easier for the clients. We have the systems, the coaching, the tools, and the network that we’ve built over 17 years in the business to help other people achieve their real estate success with the help of our guidance.

We come from a place of love, help, care, and skill which make it fun and rewarding to work with us as well as a good experience for the client.

Open Jobs

Santa Monica, CA, US
Los Angeles based successful Real Estate Agent looking for a Full Time concierge and communications director. Must have excellent computer and people skills as well as being an extremely organized person. We are a fast-growing company that needs you to help us keep up with our growing business! Job...