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Toronto, ON
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See Why SB Realty Group teamed up with Keller Williams Urban Realty in Toronto and why together we are gaining momentum and attracting the TOP Agents in the industry. As a newer agent, be led and guided and coached like a CHAMP, the RIGHT way so you can achieve the RIGHT results with the RIGHT attitude and goals in this tough Toronto market. 

KW helps create Businesses Worth Owning: The Keller Williams perspective is that real estate is a local business driven by individual associates and their presence within their communities. It’s a perspective that stems from Gary Keller’s deep conviction that the agent, not the company is the brand, and that the company’s primary role is to help agents to build their own brand and grow their own businesses – beyond simply selling real estate.

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Toronto, ON
We coach, train and guide you and provide leads! (Competitive Advantage)  Realistically earn $75,000+ in the first 12 months by working with seller leads, buyer leads and open house leads with your own real estate coach available 24/7. The Toronto, Ontario TREB market in 2018 for our office has set...
Toronto, ON
We coach, train and educate you and provide buyer and seller and lease leads 24/7 that have communicated with us first (Competitive Advantage) Realistically earn $75,000+ in first 12 months! ARE YOU READY for 2018! Let us help! The Toronto Ontario TREB market in 2017 for our office has set recor...