Kime Realty
Plymouth, MI
About Us

Our Core Values:

WE HUSTLE and WORK HARD: We are hungry for achievement and it shows in everything we do. While other agents wonder how to get their next sale, we fight for it through hard work, perseverance and focused effort. 

WE ARE A FAMILY: We treat each other with respect and have each other’s backs. We are a unit. We help each other and give advice. We treat our clients like family. We are supportive and accepting.

WE HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: We don’t let the little things get us down. We get back up on our feet and move forward.

WE CREATE RAVING FANS: We give the skin off our backs for our clients. We are 100% committed until the end.

WE HAVE A GROWTH MINDSET: We better ourselves with technology and implementation of new systems. In the pursuit of world class client experience and adding more value to our clients than our competitors, we continuously strive to become the best at what we do.

Open Jobs

Sorry, Kime Realty has no open jobs