Kerr Team Real Estate
Norman, OK
About Us

You've probably heard Wally Kerr's message on many OKC metro radio stations "We'll sell your home or we'll buy it for cash, at a price we agree to upfront." With offices in Norman and Edmond OK, we are the only brokerage that offers a Guaranteed Sale Program, solving a buyer's dilemma of not owning two houses at the same time. For that reason, customers want to work with our real estate firm. Wally and Cindy Kerr, Brokers, own the company and have over 31 years of real estate experience. In addition we have an elite group of Agents with experience that far surpasses the Agent average. Come be a part of this cutting-edge team with an amazing and innovative marketing presence. Upcoming 2-week training course (on-site) in March is provided by master trainers in Inside Sales.

Open Jobs

Norman, OK, US
We're looking for a motivated individual to join a successful real estate team. Your inside sales position is vital to the success of our team.  You'll be working with 10 agents on our team; nurturing real estate leads and customers until they are ready to meet in person.   Your bonuses are paid...