Hatch Realty
Fargo, ND
About Us

The Erik Hatch Team of Hatch Realty is one of the top 40 real estate teams in the country based on production. All of the team members have an insatiable hunger and passion for life - giving - and taking care of one another!

Hatch Realty is in the business of helping people - we just happen to sell real estate.

Hatch Coaching is a newer company that is on a rapid growth trajectory. Through Erik's leadership. they are impacting the real estate community as well as the business sector throughout the United States!

These are the greatest places on earth to work. The energy is contagious - the people are incredible - and the opportunity for growth is unmatched. 

Open Jobs

Fargo, ND
Hatch Coaching (a sister company of Hatch Realty) is on the hunt for a person of character who has the ability to help tell a story exceedingly well. Whether it be through writing, social media, advertisements, articles, emails, videos, or any other medium - Hatch Coaching has a powerful message to...
Fargo, ND
The Transaction Coordinator at Hatch Realty aids our agents in the real estate transaction from contract to close. The final 45-90 days (on average) have mounds of details - so a proficient eye is key. In addition, you must have the ability to work with multiple distractions and with agents who ar...