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We are committed to our partners’ success
through excellence in recruiting!

We deliver permanent placement solutions for our
clients by utilizing our industry expertise to facilitate
the recruitment and hiring of qualified and motivated
professionals. While maintaining the highest levels of
confidentiality, we afford candidates the opportunity
to enhance their professional career objectives and
improve their quality of life. Within a culture of hon-
esty and integrity, we build sustainable partnerships
with our clients and candidates, enabling their viability
and growth potential.

Global Recruiters of St. Louis is in business to help our
clients find and hire the most talented people in their
industry. We partner with a limited number of clients in
the industries we service. This strategy allows for a
deeper understanding of each client’s mission, organiza-
tional capability, competencies and culture. The number
of “hands off” companies in each industry segment is
greatly reduced, allowing us to “source” top talent from a
broader base of desired companies.

GRN of St. Louis is an integral office of one of the fastest
growing staffing companies in the world dedicated to
the recruitment and placement of professional and
executive level talent. Comprised of nearly 200 offices
and over 850 Search Consultants, GRN allows clients to
tap into vast amounts of talent and expertise while
dealing with just one recruiter. GRN of St. Louis enjoys
success due to client loyalty and our personal vision and
mission – we have achieved top producing status in each
of our years in business.

Our business model is designed to enhance your search
and hiring process. We deliver the right talent to your
table, thereby minimizing the flow of unqualified candi-
dates you see and allowing you to focus your energies on
your primary business. Employing our specific industry
knowledge and relationships, proven methods, custom-
ized databases and leading technologies, our team will
provide a comprehensive search with the flexibility and
depth to offer you the choice of contingency based or
retained services for your recruitment needs.
Our process includes:

Fully qualifying your opportunities with the
appropriate hiring manager(s) so we completely
understand the positions, skills required, search
preferences and most importantly, the critical factors
that make your company attractive to prospective
employees. We confirm back to you the results of this
step in the process so we are all on the same page.
Your investment of time up front allows us to effec-
tively target the most qualified talent and market
your company, culture and opportunity - driving the
successful search process.

Conducting an intensive search for top talent for
each position. We research and screen hundreds of
contacts – networking within the industry to isolate a
short list of candidates that are qualified. We thor-
oughly interview each in order to narrow the selec-
tion to 3-5 candidates that you can interview immedi-
ately. These will be highly qualified candidates that
are committed to making a change and positive
impact on your company.

For each candidate we present, we will conduct
reference checks and provide you summaries of those
conversations, along with a candidate overview,
resume and any other pertinent knowledge we have

As your partner throughout your interview and
selection process, we will maintain open communica-
tion and follow up with critical contacts within your
firm and the candidates. We as well, support, negoti-
ate or conduct your final offers. Our clients have
found this level of involvement helps ease the overall
process and eliminate barriers to the acceptance of
your offer - driving a successful and long lasting hire.

In today’s competitive landscape, the top people you
need are generally already employed. Top talent can pick
and choose the time and opportunity that best fits their
needs. Finding and attracting the talent can most effec-
tively be satisfied by employing a professional recruiter
who understands your business and can tell your story in
a compelling manner. Our process insures that this
happens in a timely fashion. As your partner, GRN of St.
Louis will sustain the energy, passion and excitement
needed to close out your compelling offers to future

Our commitment to you and all our select
clients is to.........

Help reduce your Cost per Hire for each position
by presenting you with top candidates within
2-4 weeks from the start of the search.
Improve your time to fill all positions to under
60-90 days from the start of the
search – assuming we have a mutually
defined Hiring Process in place.
Increase your retention rate for individuals
hired through our firm. When properly aligned
with your needs, our process optimizes the
matching of talent to your company. In the last
10 years, our retention rate has exceeded 90% of
all placements.

Because of our superior service and industry net-
works, we are able to fill a diverse range of
positions within a broad spectrum of industries.
Please visit our website at for more information about
our team.

I would welcome a discussion to explain how
our team of industry professionals and our detailed
recruiting process can provide you the top talent
we have delivered to our clients.
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