Greener Grass Real Estate
Raleigh, NC
About Us

Hello there! I'm Julie, founder of Greener Grass Real Estate -- a growing boutique real estate brokerage in Raleigh, NC. I founded Greener Grass Real Estate in 2010 in order to create a career for myself that would combine my passion for art and architecture with my degree in mass media communications and public relations. I also wanted to have a solid work/life balance with a flexible schedule, all while breaking free of the cheesy residential real estate stereotypes!
I find running a small business much like running a presidential campaign or term - One, it's high stakes. Two, it's deeply personal.
On the high stakes end, let's be honest: the fact that I decided to launch a real estate business in the height of the market crash and made it profitable with no financial safety net ... is ridiculous. I lept.
And I continue to leap. Because now my desire is not just to survive {pay my bills} but thrive {you know, wild things like having a few investment properties, a retirement fund, and to travel occasionally} Plus, I want to create that lifestyle for a small team -- you! My vision from day one has been that there will eventually be about eight to ten of us who are Greener Grass Real Estate, full-time, with benefits and all that jazz.
This means the business I built alone, needs to be growing and scaling, which is why your role is so important.

Here's a glimpse inside my long-term vision for Greener Grass Real Estate:
-In 2016 we'll scale from a 6-figure business to multiple 6-figures
-We'll grow our client list and social media followings so we can impact thousands each year helping them to write their story and turn the page to a new chapter of their lives in a new home.
-we'll do our part to remove the frustration, exhaustion and fatigue that comes from trying to navigate the world of real estate alone.
-The About page will be not just about Julie, but list our small team of 8-10 folks who work together to keep this business growing.

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