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Where do my leads come from?

  • I've advertised on WMAL conservative talk radio and with Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank) for the last 5+ years. The leads come mostly from these sources. Most leads are very motivated and have equity. They are mostly politically conservative. 
  • We accept any motivated business that can turn a profit (from $100,000 listings to multi-million dollar listings). 
  • Leads are pre-screened (by me) for motivation, equity and not currently working with a Realtor. Generally "now" business. However, they are normally interviewing several Agents and our listing appointment and follow-up "seals" the deal.
  • The average # of potential appointments per week is 2-6 appointments/week.

 Thank you for your consideration. Also, please let me know your questions and if you're interested in discussing further.

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