Center for Grief and Trauma Therapy
Newark, DE
About Us

Our organization is a fast-growing mental health group practice office with seven clinicians all specializing in various aspects of death, loss, grief, and trauma. We are the only organization in Delaware that serves the full spectrum of ages with this clinical focus. Our mission is to promote healing with bereaved and traumatized clients. We provide a variety of treatment modalities including EMDR, trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy, meaning reconstruction, and complicated grief therapy, and envision future opportunities such as group therapy, music and movement therapy, and yoga for grief and trauma.

Open Jobs

Pike Creek, DE, US
The Center for Grief and Trauma Therapy has both full-time and part-time opportunities for employment and/or trainee positions for mental health clinicians who would like to focus their careers on working with bereaved and traumatized clients. Our present needs include psychologists, or psychologica...