Alter Home Team
Saint Paul, MN
About Us

The Alter Home Team has been in the real estate business for 13 years, helping over 400 families and investors buy and sell homes. We provide hands-on assistance with the selling or buying process, maximizing clients' selling price and buying with an eye towards good resale value. 'Enthusiasm,' 'dedication' and 'smarts' are words clients have used to describe Linda's approach to real estate. The team consists of three licensed realtors, one primarily focused on buyers, a full time licensed executive assistant, and Linda who is focused on sellers as well as buyers. 

Open Jobs

Saint Paul, MN
We are a growing and top ranked team in our office, based in Highland Park, Saint Paul.   We are looking to add two other realtors who want to benefit from our systems, support, and opportunities to create a business worth owning and a life worth living within the Keller Williams eco-system. The...