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Asheville, NC
About Us

  • Rowena Patton’s AllStarPowerhouse specializes in the Asheville Diamond™, from Weaverville to Hendersonville and Waynesville to Black Mountain. We LOVE the mountains. Meet the team.
  • Rowena teaches and coaches across 40+ offices, she condensed those classes into a book ‘Find Your Unique Value Proposition’ that went bestseller on day two of launch in 2017. The working title of the book was ‘The Way We Do Real Estate Sucks’. She hosts a Radio Show ‘The Real Estate News Radio Show’ that has been syndicated on Iheart radio since 2010. To have the most promising career you must have the best mentor. We look forward to hearing from you.

Open Jobs

Asheville, NC, US
We’re searching for an enthusiastic, talented inside salesperson who is a licensed agent. If you are an agent and desire both guaranteed pay and more of a 9 - 5 schedule versus working nights and weekends, please apply. You will need strong communication skills to turn leads into realtor appoint...