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At Air Force One, our people are essential to our growth and success. That’s why we hire people dedicated to our core values and place emphasis on training and continued improvement. By hiring the right people, we are able to provide our customers with smart solutions for optimal building performance. As one team dedicated to personal ownership and service to others, we keep our core values at the root of everything we do: INTEGRITY: promising unmatched honesty and reliability. HUMILITY: thinking of others before yourself. INTELLIGENCE: providing thoughtful and reasonable decisions. HUNGER: striving to progress and improve. Our vision inspires us to act with unmatched professionalism and quality everyday. With like-minded customers, we strive to deliver smart solutions, comfortable environments and optimal building performance, to achieve our dream of elevating the image and integrity of our industry.

Without exception, every associate at Air Force one will have Integrity, Humility, be Intelligent and Hungry.

• Integrity means being honest in every interaction and working tirelessly to keep our promises.

• Humility is the opposite of arrogance. It is the badge of self-confidence and empathy for others.

• Intelligence is both emotional and intellectual. Our associates are excellent communicators, critical thinkers, display mental curiosity and a commitment to lifelong learning.

• Hunger is in the heart of champions. It is the will to win, the passion to overcome obstacles and the ability to savor success.

Additionally, Air Force One associates aspire to demonstrate Professionalism and Quality Performance in their behavior at all times with fellow associates, customers, vendors, and the general public.

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