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Customer: Best Western Hotel

Employees: 25+

Location: Round Rock, TX

Industry: Hospitality

The Challenge

With high turnover in hospitality, the hotel owner at Best Western had to replace his best front desk agents and find top talent with excellent soft skills quickly.

It was hard for Tushar to capture talent fast enough. Those that had the right personality for hospitality would get snatched seemingly 24 hours after they looked for new employment. Tushar posted job ads and would have a lot of no shows because they either already took a job elsewhere or they didn’t fit for the position lacking the right social skills.

How We Helped


  • Job ads weren’t getting enough strong applicants.
  • No-show interviews cost valuable time and resources.
  • Stuck in a cycle of hiring candidates that were the wrong fit.

With WizeHire

  • Wizehire’s job templates attracted more 5-star talent.
  • DISC+ assessment allowed Tushar to focus only on great candidates for his open roles.
  • Made four hires fast that were the “best people we've ever hired.”

The Results

Find top talent that delivers the 5-star guest experience

Customer - Tushar Patel

quote WizeHire is a lifesaver. quote

We were able to get to candidates with the right personality within 24 hours and and ping them, get them in. Some of them on the same day and we were able to hire them like that. The last four hires are probably four of the best employees we've ever had.quote

Tushar Patel | Hotel Owner