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Unveiling Wizehire: Your Premier Applicant Tracking System for Employers

If you’ve been searching for new talent lately, you’ve likely noticed that finding the right candidate for your role is getting more complicated and costing you more (in time and money) than you expected.  

You’re not alone. The U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics reported 9.6 million job openings in June but only 5.9 million hires. One common reason there are more job posts than hires and why hiring top talent is difficult is because of hiring inefficiencies.

But how can you be more efficient and turn the hiring landscape in your favor? By utilizing an applicant tracking system for employers.  

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

What is an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software solution that streamlines the hiring process. These tools handle everything from job advertising to sending offer letters.

Why is an applicant tracking system important?

An ATS can help you save time and money by connecting you with high-quality talent, allowing you to hire the right candidates quicker and spend less time on job seekers who aren’t a good fit.   

ATS vs. CRM: what’s the difference?

While there’s some overlap, an applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM are different. A recruitment CRM manages, builds, and nurtures candidate relationships. An ATS focuses more on helping you organize your hiring workflow. 

Benefits of utilizing an applicant tracking system for employers

Automate recruiting: To find the top candidates, you must know what you require from each role, create an ad that accurately reflects that need, and sort through hundreds of applications.

An ATS increases hiring efficiency by automating the entire process, helping you find the right talent for your position in less than half the time it would take using traditional methods. 

More organized job postings: Knowing what to include on a job ad is key to finding the top talent for each position you’re hiring for. A confusing ad can lead to candidates who aren’t the right fit for the role applying to it, and it also creates unrealistic expectations.

When using an applicant tracking system for employers, you can ensure that the language used for your job posting is consistent with your needs and clear for candidates to understand. 

Posting across job boards: There are hundreds of job boards that job seekers use when searching for their next role. Manually uploading positions to each job board can be a hassle. It’s inefficient, and most hiring managers limit their job boards to save time. 

While common, this approach can limit your job advertising’s reach and the candidates you can attract. 

Using an ATS to list your job posting lets you cast a wider net. You can post the same job on hundreds of sites with a few clicks and get in front of more job seekers. These tools also give you a central place to see all your candidates across job boards.  

Screen qualified candidates: An ATS can help you standardize your candidate screening process so you know you’re always getting the right talent. 

Increase team collaboration: When more than one person is involved in the hiring process, an ATS can help keep everyone on the same page about all hiring decisions. Also, a consistent hiring process helps with employer branding, improves interview coordination, and creates a memorable candidate experience.

Why Wizehire is the go-to applicant tracking system for modern employers

When you’re ready to strengthen your hiring process, Wizehire can help. Here are some of the features Wizehire offers that’ll make this process seamless:

Custom job ad templates: With over 500 hundred job title templates to choose from in 20+ industries, you can find and create a job ad that fits your needs and is easily customizable. Or you can use your own. Either way, our expert hiring coaches will review your ad and offer advice on maximizing its potential, even for the most specialized roles

Upload on 100+ job boards with one click: Our tool lets you post job posts on hundreds of job boards with one click, so you can always get in front of the right talent. 

Share on social channels: Many candidates search social platforms for job listings; we’ll share your job posting on these channels for you. 

Efficient candidate screening: The entire candidate screening process includes reviewing resumes and cover letters, assessing personality and skill fit, conducting interview rounds, and verifying references — everything you can do with Wizehire. 

You can create custom screening questions with our ATS so you’re always confident that candidates are a good fit.

Manage all your candidates in one place: Our application tracking system for employers helps you streamline talent management by keeping all candidates in one central location.

Plus, you can schedule phone, video, or in-person interviews integrated into your calendar and send empathetic rejection letters and offers on our dashboard.

Reduce cost to hire: According to a benchmark report by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average cost to hire is $4,683 for a non-executive employee and $28,329 for executives. 

With Wizehire, the average cost-to-hire is 1/10 the cost of traditional hiring methods. And since Wizehire customers hire 20 days faster, you can save on productive hours lost while searching for the right candidate. 

Tim Davis, the Director of the national coaching department at Movement Mortgage, said, “If your organization is looking to grow more profitable quicker and decrease the stress and cost associated with hiring the wrong fit, Wizehire’s a no-brainer.”

How Wizehire stands out in the crowded ATS market

Wizehire isn’t like the average applicant tracking system on the market. Here’s how Wizehire’s key features differ from other recruitment solutions: 

Hiring coaches: Unlike other ATS, Wizehire offers a dedicated team of hiring coaches to help ensure you consistently attract and recruit top talent for each role.

Industry-tested job templates: Each template is SEO-optimized and industry-tested, with successful hires from thousands of other businesses like yours. 

Personality and skill assessments: Most ATS have assessments that allow you to see if a candidate has the skills and experience needed for the role. But personality fit is just as important. That’s why Wizehire offers skill and DISC personality assessments that give you a well-rounded view of your candidates.  

User-friendly interface: Some ATS make seeing candidates in each stage difficult. But Wizehire’s recruitment reporting dashboard lets you easily see your entire hiring process at a glance with customizable hiring stages and candidate tags and filters.

Automated candidate matching: You’ll set the criteria, and our AI-powered candidate-matching algorithm will recommend the most qualified candidates for each role. 

Wizehire: Transforming recruitment with a high-performance Applicant Tracking System for employers

Hiring can be challenging; that’s why using an ATS can help you:

  • Save time with recruitment automation
  • Organize job posts
  • Keep all candidate data in a centralized area
  • Reduce your cost to hire
  • Confidently screen candidates 

Wizehire can increase hiring efficiency, helping you save valuable resources while still getting access to 35% more high-quality candidates. 

Ready to save time on hiring and stop letting top talent slip through your fingers? Discover the power of Wizehire’s cutting-edge technology today to transform your recruitment process. 

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