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Trust Your Intuition… Those ‘Voices In Your Head’ Don’t Lie

  • Your intuition is driven by your natural talents.
  • Reasoning is making decisions based on logical, conscious thought. Reacting is following your intuitive subconscious mind.
We’re faced with making a variety of decisions all day every day. Some are simple; some are much more complex. What do you do when you have a really tough decision to make? Where do you go for advice? We’ve all  heard that old saying, “Father knows best!” Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not always the case. One of the best ways to make faster and better decisions is to trust your intuition. It’s actually your natural talents speaking to you… ever so quietly. The Oxford English Dictionary defines intuition as, “knowledge from within; instinctive knowledge or feeling without the use of rational processes.”  

It’s your subconscious mind talking

  You see, that quiet voice in your head that never stops speaking to you. It’s your subconscious mind talking. You know, the one built on all of those neural networks we learned about in a previous post. They are seen on the surface as what is typically called intuition, and they need to start becoming your new best friend. Intuition is not about extrasensory perception (ESP), a sixth sense or anything mystical or metaphysical. It is about data, gathered by your five senses and being recognized by your subconscious mind instead of your conscious mind. When I talk with people about the difference between using their conscious and subconscious minds, I use the words reasoning and reacting. Reasoning is the result of logical, rational thought driven by the conscious mind. Reacting is the result of following the intuitive subconscious mind – your natural talents, in other words.  

It doesn’t come out of nowhere

  Intuition is that sudden flash of insight that comes out of nowhere. It’s that sense you get or decision you make without really thinking about it; it just comes to you. In reality, it doesn’t come out of nowhere. It comes from everything your subconscious mind is aware of and your natural talents for making such decisions. Instead of dismissing that feeling in your gut as an unfounded and irrational impulse, mastering this dimension requires that you learn to trust your intuition. Learn to accept and respect this voice, as it is really your natural talents talking to you. How much do you trust your intuition? “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein
What’s your ‘sacred gift’?

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