Successful Real Estate Agents: 2 Must-Have Qualities

Why do super successful real estate agents seem to catch all the breaks? They must be getting the best leads at the right times for the perfect listings, and it appears to happen to them every day. How else could they consistently pull in the numbers?

You’re doing all the right things, you just can’t seem to make it happen.

Why do super successful real estate agents seem to catch all the breaks?It’s them, not you, right?

In a way, it is. Based on one of the largest scientific research studies ever attempted on the topic, all individuals have a unique set of natural talents based on how their brains are wired. Human brains are not all the same. The way in which our neural networks have been created, even before we were born, causes each of us to have our own equally unique set of strengths and weaknesses. The result is that we are all naturally talented for certain things in life, and not in others. No one is immune to this fact.


Instead of trying to be something different, successful agents are more true to themselves.


Everyone has natural strengths and natural weaknesses. While some are perfectly suited to the hunter/gatherer sales role of lead or Buyer agent, others are more ideally positioned to crush the tasks of being a transaction coordinator. Still others may thrive as an Inside Sales Agent, yet others are ideal Buyer’s Agents. There is no perfect mix, or personality, that is able to do them all equally well. The most successful simply figure out “who” they are, and then learn which role may be a better fit.

Success comes not from being the best at everything. It comes from learning where you are the strongest, where you are the weakest, and working accordingly. That’s how they become successful real estate agents.

Our study also revealed that the most successful real estate agents share two big things in common. They are more self-aware of what their personality is and they are more authentic to it. Instead of trying to be something different, they are more true to themselves. The correlations were remarkable. The more aware and authentic the individual, the greater level of satisfaction and success they achieved in life. Conversely, the less aware and authentic they were, the lower the level of satisfaction and success were found.

The key to succeeding, therefore, is to identify your greatest natural strengths and weaknesses, and understand how to work with what you’ve got as you chart your course, decide on what your objectives will be and how you are to achieve them. It all starts – first – with understanding the tools you have!

Would you be a more successful real estate agent if you were more self-aware and authentic to your personality? What are your personality traits and how do they help you in your role? Ready to find out?

I’m ready!