What You Need to Succeed in Real Estate

Do you have what it takes to succeed in real estate? The cold, hard truth… maybe not. You might not be wired for it.

The core issue is that our minds (i.e., our deep-minds, our subconscious patterns for thinking and behaving) don’t really change. We may be able to change what we think (e.g., our outlook, point of view, knowledge, etc.), but we can’t change the underlying structure of how our brains work. In order to become more aware of your personality, you must first become more aware of how your mind works, because it is your mind that creates your unique personality.

What’s my unique personality?

Your mind is arguably the most miraculous creation in the entire universe. It controls every aspect of your life. It never sleeps or stops gathering information. It is voracious, taking in more than 11 million bits of information every second of your life, and it has more processing capability than the most advanced computer ever built.

It all starts at birth...

It all starts at birth, when we are born with one hundred billion brain cells called neurons (100,000,000,000 cells or 1011). That’s more than any other creature on the planet. As we grow, each of these neurons reaches out and connects to other neurons to create what are called neural networks. By the time we are just three years old that neural network has over 1.5 quadrillion synaptic connections (1.5 x 1015). That’s one million billion connections, and a whole lot of processing power. It is these networks that give us our ability to think, feel, remember and be who we are.

Not all networks are created equally, though. Every time we have a recurring thought or process information, we use a similar network of neurons. As a result, that network becomes reinforced or more robust. If you think of your brain as an organic Internet connection, those conduits that are used more often are built into robust high-speed, high-bandwidth connections, while those that are not used fall into disrepair (atrophy) and become more like a dial-up connection than a cable modem. The high-speed connections can handle immense amounts of traffic, while the dial-up connections get choked and clogged with the smallest amount of data.

This is why our natural talents and non-talents, exist. Whatever types of tasks and behaviors are associated with our high-speed networks come easily to us, because literally more of our brains are working to allow us to perform them better and with less effort (i.e., naturally). Whatever types of tasks and behaviors are associated with our dial-up connections are the opposite, because less of our brains are dedicated to thinking that way. These sorts of tasks are harder for us to do well, and they come less naturally.


Self-awareness is vital to success in Real Estate


Because of the permanence of these neural networks, the natural talents they create are fixed. While it is possible to develop new neural networks, it is only in extreme circumstances (traumatic brain injury, stroke, etc.) and takes a huge amount of time and effort. We cannot do this in a weekend training program or simply by reading a book. Thus, we cannot develop new mental talents in the same way either.

This is what makes self-awareness such a vital aspect of your being able to succeed in real estate. Since your natural mental talents are fixed, it is crucial that you understand what they are, because this is what you have to work with.

We are all uniquely imperfect people, and this will never change, nor should you want it to be any different. How mind-numbingly boring would it be if we were all the same? Our uniqueness should be cherished and embraced. The road to success is not about trying to change your personality to be like that of another successful person. Nor is success about ceasing to be uniquely imperfect or flawed. It is about finding your perfect match between your perfections and imperfections and what you do and how you do it.

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It’s OK to adopt someone else’s best practices, just not their personality.