Real Estate Sales Manager Job Description Template

This Real Estate Sales Manager Job Description Template is designed to help you attract top sales professionals who may not have experience in real estate. It is optimized to get the best results from posting to online job boards or careers pages and is easily modifiable. Feel free to customize this sample with your firm’s unique content.

Job Titles (pick one)

• Real Estate Sales Manager

• Sales Manager

• Real Estate Sales Team Leader

• Real Estate Team Leader

Example Job Description #1

Are you an experienced Sales Manager or Team Leader looking for more opportunity?

Maybe you are an experienced sales agent/team leader who knows their strengths are managing, nurturing, teaching or holding others accountable, rather than selling. We have ( # ) sales people in our real estate office who need coaching, encouragement and need accountability for goals.

Our team will close [$X,XXX,XXX] in sales roughly (# transactions) this year. With your help we can hit next year’s target.

Your management objective is to increase the performance of each member of our sales team, specifically increasing the deals closed from each salesperson’s database/center of influence.

You’ll join a great team of people here. We’re all looking to you for coaching, leadership and support to help us hit our sales goals!

If you’re up for the challenge, please apply today.

Example Job Description #2

The Sales Manager is an individual who is highly sociable, draws energy from working with people, and is optimistic and outgoing. He/she is an excellent leader within the organization, able to build a cohesive sales team of Buyer Specialists and Showing Assistants who are united in their commitment to the team’s standards and to achieving the team’s goals. They have a strong sense of urgency, but not at the expense of quality.

The Sales Manager leads the buyer side of the team by hiring, training, consulting, and holding accountable all Buyer Specialists and Showing Assistants. In addition, he/she demonstrates on a daily basis the management ability, knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits of a high-achieving buyer agent who is committed to putting clients first, to doing the right thing and to seeking win-win agreements.

The Sales Manager also demonstrates a commitment to learning and strives for growth by regularly attending courses, teaching courses when appropriate, and regularly practicing scripts and dialogues. He/she is committed to investing in the people on the team and regularly provides them with learning and growth opportunities as well.

Job Responsibilities (pick 3-6 responsibilities)

• Manage a sales team and provide leadership, training and coaching

• Develop a sales strategy to achieve organizational sales goals and revenues

• Set individual sales targets with sales team

• Work on sales scripts with agents

• Manage the activities and performance of the sales team

• Ensure members of the sales team have the necessary resources to perform properly

• Monitor the achievement of sales objectives by the sales team

• Provide feedback, support and coaching to the sales team

• Plan and direct sales team training

• Track, collate and interpret sales figures and reporting

• Generate timely sales reports

• Help prepare budgets

• Control expenses and monitor budgets

• Conduct market research and competitor and customer analysis

• Analyze data to identify sales opportunities

• Contribute ideas to the creation of promotional material

Job Qualifications (pick 3-6 qualifications)

• One year of experience as a sales manager/team leader role is preferred

• Previous sales experience

• Experience in all aspects of planning and implementing sales strategy

• Proven experience in customer relationship management

• Knowledge of market research

• Experience with relevant software applications

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Proven organizational and planning ability

• Problem analysis and problem-solving

• Information management

• Team leadership ability

• You do not need a real estate license but real estate experience or license is a big plus!


Salaries for Sales Managers can vary. To find out competitive compensation in your area, click here.


Real Estate Sales Manager Job Description Template in MS Word