Outside Sales Job Description Template

This Outside Sales job description template is designed to help you attract top sales professionals who may not have experience in real estate. It is optimized to get the best results from posting to online job boards or careers pages and is easily modifiable. Feel free to customize this sample with your firm’s unique content. For this type of position, briefer is better!

Outside Sales Job Titles (pick one)

• Outside Sales / Real Estate

• Real Estate Salesperson / Realtor

• Outside Sales / Real Estate Sales Agent

• Realtor / Outside Sales

• Real Estate Salesperson

• Real Estate Sales / Buyer’s Specialist

Example Job Description #1

Do you love selling? Are you looking for a new industry in which to sell? The best way to earn higher sales commissions is to sell higher-priced goods or services, and that’s what this opportunity is about.

Real Estate is one of the highest priced sales industries there is.  The median home price sold in the US today is $292,000 USD [if your local price is higher, edit this figure]. Our top-end single sales can reach as high as [INSERT HIGHEST-PRICED HOME YOUR TEAM HAS SOLD]. How do those sales prices compare to what you are selling now?

Our Real Estate Sales Agent program is designed take that outstanding sales professional with no experience in real estate, train them on the specifics of the very expensive products they will be selling, orient them to the industry, mentor them and give them everything they need to put their sales talents to work.

Example Job Description #2

Are you great at what you do but want to earn significantly more income doing it? If you’re an outstanding sales professional interested in leveraging your sales talents in a role that gives you greater freedom, flexibility, control and much greater earning potential, consider joining our top-performing sales team… in real estate sales.

We aren’t worried about finding someone with any experience in real estate. That, we can teach. What we can’t teach is a natural talent for selling. Everything else is just like learning the features, functions and benefits of what you’re currently selling – just a lot more lucrative.

Most people don’t think of real estate as a traditional sales role, but it absolutely is! The highest earning sales agents are full-time professionals who are – first and foremost – passionate sales experts. They excel in prospecting, networking, lead-generation, demonstrating, negotiating and closing. If this sounds like you, please consider our offer.

If you love the career of professional sales, are great at it and are confident that you have what it takes to advance to the top end of the sales industry, please apply today.

Job Responsibilities (pick 3-6 responsibilities)

• Consult with clients in order to discover their property desires; then find properties that meet those needs.

• Act as an intermediary between your seller and potential buyer.

• Primary duties include follow ups, e-mail communication and overall management of sales pipeline.

• Provide world class customer service to buyers.

• Manage incoming leads by phone, email, text and CRM.

• Hold open houses regularly.

• Consistently network and market to prospect for new customers.

• “Always be consulting” by providing your clients with your very best service and your very best advice.

• Establish a prosperous and long-term real estate career by supporting and learning from other team-oriented agents.

Job Qualifications (pick 3-6 qualifications)

• Real Estate License (We can help you get one!)

• Familiarity with the area real estate market

• Willingness to learn new tools, systems, and technologies

• High school diploma or bachelor’s degree preferred

• Organized, resourceful, detail-oriented, with a friendly focus on customer service

• Display excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Ability to spend a large amount of time traveling by car

• Ability to build meaningful connections and rapport quickly and love meeting new people

• Forward thinking, proactive, dynamic, and perform well under pressure


Salaries for Outside Sales professionals can vary. To find out competitive compensation in your area, click here.