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Talent Acquisition

Gary Keller’s Secret for Finding the Best Agents

Finding Top Agents is Easy With Gary’s Tips 🏁

Gary Keller & The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Gary Keller on Hiring Talent

  • Check references from more than a #1 fan ☎️
  • Leverage insights from behavioral profiles 📈
  • Use a realistic (down & dirty) sales interview 🤝
The market will shift—In his book SHIFT, Gary Keller talks about this truth plainly. The question real estate agents & team leaders must ask, “Is whether my current team is ready for this shift?” The economy shifts, the global environment shifts, and technology shifts faster than you can say ‘shifts happen.’

It’s shift or die

Let’s face the facts. Every time one of those shifts takes place, you and your business must shift with it. With the pace of business today, it’s shift or die. Every shift has the potential to cause a change in our hiring strategy. In boom times, you’re hiring agents so fast to cover all your leads, you could inadvertently bring on sub par agents. This has a disastrous side-effect. In boom times, bad agents are camouflaged by the general busy-ness of the market. In lean times, they’re easy to spot, but you could be stuck with under-performing agents and the opportunity cost of that hire.

Your goal is to hire true talent

Whenever you bring on new agents, your goal should be to hire top talent. The more talented team members you have, the fewer you’ll need, whether you’re in an up market or a down market. Here are Gary’s secrets to hiring the best talent:
  1. Check References – Go deeper than the #1 fans applicants list on their resumes. Ask around. Check in with their former colleagues, coaches and mentors.
  2. Use a Behavioral ProfileUsing DISC or like assessment, you can determine if their natural behavioral style is a match to the Buyer Agent role. The higher the match score, the more productive the agent.
  3. Conduct In-depth Interviews – Ask complex questions designed to uncover their unique strengths and weaknesses. Get their buy-in on working beyond their basic job description.
  4. Test for Knowledge and Skills – Have candidates role play with you and/or current top-performing team members. Pepper them with real-life, tough scenarios and see how they operate.

Find the best talent

You’re striving to find true talent for your team. Gary defines talent as: “Someone who is a great match for the job you need them to do, who is motivated to do it, and can do it really well.” Follow Gary Keller’s tips to find the best sales talent every time you hire!
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